Reputation protection

For every company, taking it's image is one of the most important aspects of functioning. Dyna Consulting allows you to control the content of appearing on the Internet by providing tools that allow you to recognize the current image situation and directly influence it.

Internet monitoring

Dyna Consulting provides the results of Internet monitoring by monitoring tens or hundreds of thousands of statements about a brand, organization or product on an ongoing basis.

Campaign Analysis

The tools we offer make it possible to improve the effectiveness of the campaign, and thus to identify unnecessary expenses and reduce the costs of conducting promotional activity or public relations.

Wsparcie Branży

Employer Branding

One of the many possibilities of using Dyna Consulting services is the process of building the image of an valuable employer on the Internet.

Industry Support

Dyna Consulting is an ideal tool to support and improve online sales. Thanks to the monitoring applications we provide, your company can identify potential customers, determine the most popular sources used by Internet users looking for information about your brand, product or service.

Why Us?

Public Relations

This is one of the basic areas of our activity. We have experience in running PR campaigns both in traditional media and in media based on modern IT technologies - including in the area of social media.


Our goal is to reach such groups of recipients that the campaigns will be as effective as possible in the context of strengthening the client's brand, raising the level of its recognition or achieving other goals set by the client.

Our Strategy

We adapt the methods and tools used in PR to the individual needs of clients and the goals that we want to achieve thanks to the campaigns. The time that we reserve for PR actions also depends on the client's needs.

Time and Productivity

We act quickly and effectively because we are able to respond to sudden crisis situations that affect our clients. Importantly, we are ready to combine public relations activities with public affairs, as we have experience in dealing with public institutions.